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Yasmin Brown CSci FAAPT admitted to the Chartered Scientist register

The AAPT are delighted to report that Yasmin Brown CSci FAAPT has been admitted to the register of Chartered Scientists

Yasmin, congratulations on becoming the second Chartered Scientist on the AAPT register, and only the third APT to ever achieve CSci.

What inspired you to make the application?

I have been an APT for many years and during that time have seen the role evolve significantly. 

However, our profession remains unregistered.  I wanted to make the application to demonstrate that APT’s have comparable abilities and expertise to other registered disciplines, such as Biomedical Scientists and Nurses and I believe that we deserve recognition as equivalent professionals in our field, despite the differences in our qualification pathways.

Did the AAPT CPD Portfolio prove useful when submitting the required record of your learning & CPD?  

I continuously partake in CPD activities but always used to find myself struggling to maintain a written record.  The AAPT CPD Portfolio helped significantly in this regard as it is so easy to use to record your CPD activities as you engage in them.  When completing my CSci application, I frequently referred to my AAPT CPD record to track my personal and professional development over the years.

How can the AAPT better support others make the jump, and did you feel supported during the application process both in-house and by the AAPT? 

Completing the application takes quite a significant investment of time and effort but there is such a feeling of accomplishment once you have finished it.  I had a lot of support and valuable assistance from my Pathology Training Manager, Ruth Evans (who also sponsored my application) and attended a Science Council Registration Workshop that was facilitated by a gentleman named Stephen Franey. 

Stephen created a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for potential applicants.  The workshop showcased a diverse range of professions, highlighting that as APT’s we can apply for the same levels of registration as others, including CSci.

AAPT support was excellent as always, Christian was very encouraging and I connected with other colleagues within the profession who made it clear I had their full support in my application, especially the AAPT Vice-Chair, Lydia Judge-Kronis CSci FAAPT .  Having validation from others for my application was encouraging  and motivating and I definitely felt supported throughout the journey.

What experiences do you feel an applicant can draw upon in order to meet the CSci standards?  

It can be quite daunting when you look at the questions and standards you are expected to meet in the application but it is essential to remember how much knowledge and experience you have in your field, you literally just have to think about what you do in your role from day-to-day.

In our mortuaries we often perform tasks automatically, much so that until you stop and think about them and then begin to write them down, you simply do not realise how many examples you have at your fingertips and a wealth of experience to meet the CSci standards.  You just need your application to be able to portray to others exactly what you do in your role as an APT/Lead APT/Mortuary Manager.

Don’t hesitate to pursue your Science Council Registration, your application will show the depth of your expertise and knowledge - Go for it!


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