Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology

Regional Networks

Regional networks to help support, educate and update technologists at a local level. Each region is supported by a steering group.

The main role for a region would be to organise meetings and lectures that would be of benefit to members and can act as an incentive for non-members to join. It is essential that events would be inclusive to all in that area - including non-members -and there would be no barrier to any technologists who wish to attend from outside that region. In essence, it’s about bringing technologists together in an arena where they can be updated in an educational and professional way. Unless unavoidable, regional events will be free of charge to all those attend and are available for commercial sponsorship.

Examples of good local practice can be shared and disseminated between local networks and beyond. In addition to the planning of local events, steering groups may also carry out projects, whether this is in workforce planning, emergency & preparedness or many other areas of interest.

A Region can feed information to Council to help inform policy decision and future work steams & production of material for the website. Local events would be allocated credits as part of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme and will be advertised at within the events page.

You can contact your regional networrk lead by email, and if you are interested in forming a regional network in your own area, please contact Christian Burt, AAPT Secretary on 0207 278 2151


Regional Network Lead Email Address
London and the South East Lara Rose-Iredale
Scotland Ishbel Gall
South West John Pitchers
South East Coastal Debbie James