Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology

COVID-19 Resources

The AAPT have collated relevant COVID-19 resource information as below:

**Public Health England** Guidance for care of the deceased with suspected or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) 

**NEW* Guidance for care of deceased during COVID-19 pandemic 

**NEW** Considerations related to the safe handling of bodies of deceased
persons with suspected or confirmed COVID-19

Tissue-specific tolerance in fatal Covid-19

**NEW July 2021** COVID-19 transmission from the,deceased: A rapid review (PHE)

Autopsy in the time of COVID (Diagnostic Histopathology journal)

Postmortem radiologic and pathologic findings in COVID-19: The Toronto experience with pre-hospitalization deaths in the community

Operational guidance: vaccination of frontline health and social care workers

Undetectable SARS-CoV-2 in a nasopharyngeal swab but persistent viral RNA from deep lung swabs: findings from an autopsy

Histopathological findings and viral tropism in UK patients with severe fatal COVID-19: a post-mortem study

Cemetery planning, preparation and management during COVID-19: A quick guide to proper documentation and disposition of the dead 

Chief Coroner's Guidance on COVID-19

Chief Coroner's Guidance COVID-19 Deaths and possible exposure in the workplace

Pulmonary and systemic involvement of COVID?19 assessed by ultrasound?guided minimally invasive autopsy

National Bereavement Partnership COVID-19 Hub

SARS-CoV-2 and the autopsy - Dr Esther Youd YouTube video

COVID-19 guidances from the Human Tissue Authority

A technical report from the Italian SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. Postmortem
sampling and autopsy investigation in cases of suspected
or probable COVID-19

COVID-19 Autopsies Oklahoma (American Journal of Clinical Pathology)

Pathological Study of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) through Post-Mortem Core Biopsies

Management of the corpse with suspect, probable or confirmed COVID-19 respiratory infection – Italian interim recommendations

Autopsy in suspected COVID-19 cases (The Journal of Clinical Pathology)

Public Health England Infection Prevention and Control

Guidance for first responders and others in close contact with symptomatic people with potential COVID-19

Health & Safety Executive: Managing infection risks when handling the deceased (see p.48 box: SARS)

Review: The safe handling of a corpse (suspected) with COVID-19 

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for health professionals and other organisations

Health Protection Scotland Coronavirus Guidance

RCPath Briefing on COVID-19

Centres for Disease Control & Prevention Guidance

NHS Coronavirus information

UK Government Response

Accredited Registers Collective statement