Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology

Council & Committees

Council & Committees

The AAPT has a Council and Committee structure, aligned to the AAPT Strategy 2021-2025, to support membership in professional and any other issues relating to anatomical pathology technology. In addition to the honorary roles of the President, Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer, ordinary Council members are elected each year at the AGM.

Each appointed Council member is required to be professionally registered with the ACHS or Science Council and to serve on Council for a three-year term of office. 

Members can directly contact Council at a dedicated email address

The Council

Executive Committee  
Chair: John Pitchers FAAPT
President: Prof Michael Osborn
Vice-Chair: Lydia Judge-Kronis FAAPT
Treasurer Michelle Williams FAAPT



Council Date of Election to Council Re-election date
Tarot Harris AGM 2022 Re-election date 2025 AGM
Jennifer Old Co-opted Student Representative
Eve Murrell EDI Lead
Emma Romeling AGM 2022 Re-election date 2025 AGM
Robert Cast AGM 2020 Re-election date 2023 AGM
Lisa Cooney AGM 2020 Re-election date 2023 AGM
Samantha Bell AGM 2022 Re-election date 2025 AGM
Ishbel Gall AGM 2021 Re-election date 2024 AGM
Gemma Norburn AGM 2021 Re-election date 2024 AGM
Kelly Thompson AGM 2022 Re-election date 2025 AGM
Debbie James Past-Treasurer (one-year from AGM 2022)

Event Planning

Remit: Each year the AAPT host the AAPT Annual Educational Event with a commercial exhibition and full social programme. The planning of such an event takes a huge effort and the AAPT is always looking for support from members to ensure a successful meeting. 

Lead: Lisa Cooney

Other Members:
Christian Burt
Michelle Williams
Robert Cast

Education & Professional Standards

Remit: The AAPT is committed to help ensure and improve the educational standards for anatomical pathology technologists.  The Education & Professional Standards Committee includes the the AAPT CPD scheme and gatekeeping the standards relating to the RSPH Diploma 3 and 4 in Healthcare Science (Anatomical Pathology Technology). 

Strategy areas include Defined Professional Characteristics, Career Course Learning, Advanced Practitioner, Portfolio Careers, Original research and systematic review, Partnership with FE and HE institutions,, Evidence-based practice and Developing New Qualifications.

Lead: Emma Romeling

Other Members:
Tarot Harris
Ishbel Gall
Lisa Cooney
Kelly Thompson
Darren Makin (co-opted)

Emergency Planning and Response

Remit: This committee is primarily to raise the profile of anatomical pathology technologists with other professional groups involved in emergency planning and responding to emergencies. It also has a remit to recommend and assess professional standards when requested to do so.

This involves communication with the Home Office, deployment agencies and many other organisations. The committee also promotes relevant forensic and emergency planning courses that are available for anatomical pathology technologists to attend. 

Lead: John Pitchers

Other Members: 
Michelle Williams   

External Engagement and Liaison 

Remit: work related to Chair representation on the HTA Histopathology Working Group, RCPath Death Investigation Committee, executive liaison with Policy Connect/All Party Parliamentary Health Group and other defined stakeholders such as UKAS, NHS Employers and professional bodies. 

Aligned to the AAPT Strategy 2021-25, statutory regulation is a key area for this committee and the remit of the committee would also include fair and consistent grading and emerging technologies.

Lead: John Pitchers

Lydia Judge-Kronis
Emma Romeling
Christian Burt
Robert Cast

Member Engagement & Support

Remit: this committee encompasses the AAPT Strategy 2021-2025 areas of values-based practice, wellbeing and mental health, increasing membership and creative and engaging media.

Lead: Robert Cast

Christian Burt 
Gemma Norburn
Lisa Cooney

Professional Registration 

Remit:  led by the Vice-Chair, this committee will cover the voluntary registration with the Academy for Healthcare Science and the Science Council professional awards. This is aligned to Voluntary Registration and Professional Equivalence in the AAPT Strategy 2021-25

Lead: Lydia Judge-Kronis

Other members 
John Pitchers
Christian Burt
Samantha Bell

End of Life Care

Remit: A working group to liaise with end of life care groups with regard to anatomical pathology practice and the care of deceased patients and their friends and relatives.

Lead: Tarot Noble                         

Other Members:
Lydia Judge-Kronis
Ishbel Gall

Perinatal and Paediatric Steering Group

Remit: The aim of this group is to raise awareness of the perinatal and paediatric pathology speciality. The different processes involved in performing post mortems to the roles of the APT’s involved.

Many mortuaries either undertake perinatal/paediatric post mortems or refer these cases to specialist centres.

This small steering group of specialised centres aim to create professional guidance and educational events for all APT’s to access.

Lead: Lydia Judge-Kronis

Other Members:
Amy Lee
Tarot Harris