Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology

Level 2 Certificate in mortuary support

RSPH Level 2 Certificate Course

Level 2 certificate in Mortuary Support  

Total Qualification Time (TQT) 130 hours

There is a service requirement for a formal standardised level 2 qualification for other supporting staff working in mortuary environments (public and private mortuaries). In 2024 the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) announced the new national qualification for all mortuary support staff - the Level 2 Certificate in mortuary support. This qualification has been developed by the RSPH along with the Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology (AAPT).

This will be a discrete qualification although some elements may count as RPL should progression be made to the RSPH Level 3 Diploma in HCS (APT) qualification.

Assessment will be based around online multiple choice question (MCQ) exams and candidate submission of work-based assignments that include knowledge elements and the gathering of objective evidence pieces – this will be available for external scrutinizers and as such there is no requirement  for external portfolio assessors nor visits to local mortuaries.