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Annual Educational Event (AEE) – postponed in 2020

AAPT is extremely proud of Anatomical Pathology Technologists across the UK and beyond

The word unprecedented could not be more apt for APTs in the current pandemic climate and the AAPT Council believe that focus right now, for both the planning team, AAPT Council and all APTs must be to provide the best of care for the deceased and their relatives during these extremely challenging times.

Each year, AAPT host the Annual Educational Event (AEE) for APTs and other healthcare scientists and stakeholders.

The event provides the opportunity not only to learn from topical lectures, but to meet old and new friends as a shared educational & networking experience for all.

Without question, it is the AAPT events that give most satisfaction to the AAPT Council. The feedback we receive and to witness our profession come together each year makes all the hard work in planning so worthwhile. For AAPT to postpone the AEE I’m sure you can understand would only be in the best interests of our members and was not a decision to be taken lightly.

We have, however, taken that decision to postpone the 2020 AEE and there will not be a full AEE until September 2021. The 2021 location will be Tunbridge Wells, with Liverpool in 2022.

The AAPT will, of course, still be required to host an AGM by the end of the year. Hopefully this will be a physical meeting rather than remotely and can include a lecture aspect for CPD purposes.

We also will provide Read Test and Reflect CPD on recent guidance, so that members are still able to maintain their CPD focus.

During these difficult times, AAPT is still here for you via email and we shall respond to all queries.

Stay safe all.




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