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Third APT achieves RSciTech award

Katie Dias MAAPT RSciTech has achieved the Science Council award and talked to AAPT regarding the application process

Did you find the on-line application process easy to navigate?

Yes the website had a lot of useful tips and guidance. I did watch some of the videos available and that helped me with completing my application.

The AAPT provided guidance documents and other useful references within the AAPT website. Did you find these useful as you completed the application?

Most definitely it took me a while to complete my application but it really did help having the guidance documents. I also asked fellow APTs for some advice which was a huge help. It does also highlight how much you have done and your own knowledge within your role.

The commitment to the standards expected of a Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) are considerable and provide parity for APTs with technical and scientific colleagues across the UK. Once the award is achieved it must then be maintained through CPD and adherence to the standards. Is this daunting or a new professional challenge to overcome?

It will be quite challenging but it’s a challenge I am quite looking forward to. The most challenging thing for me will be to make some time to complete my CPD but I have set myself some goals in terms of when to complete my CPD so hopefully this helps.

Would you encourage other APTs to start their application and what were your main reasons for applying to become an RSciTech?

Absolutely! It has been a great achievement for me and I am extremely proud of myself for achieving it.

It is quite a long process and can be quite daunting but it is definitely worth it in the end. We are finally being recognised so with more APTs applying this will definitely make a change.

Did you draw upon the knowledge gained from the Level 3 Diploma in Anatomical Pathology Technology?

Yes my portfolio came in very handy and the knowledge I gained from completing the Level 3 diploma.

Any tips and hints for other APTs who wish to apply?

Stay focused and ask for help from fellow APTs. I am willing to offer any help to those thinking of applying.

Follow the footsteps of Katie by starting your professional awards journey today!

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