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My First Year on the AAPT Council

Samantha Bell RSciTech MAAPT joined the AAPT Council at AGM 2023 and reports on her first year

How have you found the first year on Council in terms of time commitments?

So far, my biggest time commitment has been supporting the HTA consent training course.

I am fortunate that my line manager is really supportive of me being on the AAPT Council from a professional development ponit of view, so I’m able to attend the face-to-face meetings and some online meetings during work time, which has been great. Outside of work though, it probably amounts to a couple of hours a month and even then, it’s dependant on what’s happening at the time.

Do you feel supported by the AAPT Council?

My first Council meeting was a little bit daunting, but everyone made me feel so welcome and included right from the start.

The Council members have such a wealth of experience and knowledge between them, which they all share willingly; for someone like me who is relatively new to management within the NHS has been invaluable.

Does being on Council allow you to contribute in areas of expertise and where you are most confident?

Absolutely! I’m passionate about professional registration and being on the Council has allowed me to support APT colleagues with applications to the Science Council either directly or through a webinar I supported earlier this year. I’m also being exposed to new areas, which is improving my knowledge and confidence.

What has been the most daunting challenge as a Council member so far?

Presenting the HTA consent training was daunting! Again, the Council members were really supportive and I’m strangely looking forward to the next one later in the year.

Last thoughts for AAPT members who are interested in getting nominated for Council?

It’s such an exciting time to be on Council as there’s so much going on right now, especially around national job profiles and professional regulation.
I was hesitant about standing at first as I wasn’t sure how much time it would take up or what would be expected of me, but I can honestly say it’s been great, and

I’ve learned so much over the past 12 months. I’ve gained so much experience and my confidence has improved tenfold.

Why not follow Sam's path and get nominated for the AAPT Council? There are six seats available.



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