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APTs and social media

Recently the UK has seen terrible incidents on our streets that have shocked and upset the nation.

During this time, APTs have once again shown their upmost professionalism and duty of care to the deceased and loved ones. For many, including APTs, emotions can run high and now more than ever it is absolutely vital to remember our codes of responsible behaviour and the diverse communities that APTs serve.

If on social media for example, a professional should think clearly before sharing posts from potentially suspicious sources. Living in the age of fake news, it is vitally important to remember the reputation of employers and your professional self-worth when posting/sharing on Facebook, Twitter and the like.

A “bad decision post” or share on social media can have a hugely escalated impact on the NHS, public mortuaries and be easily picked up by the traditional media.

Please always remember that as an APT you are part of a qualified, trained and professional group, serving communities at the hardest time for families and loved ones. And also remember the AAPT is here for you as an APT, and recently launched a document that may help guide an APT across social and other media.

With kindest regards,

Christian Burt

Secretary to the AAPT Council 

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