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AAPT launch new CPD platform for members

CPDMe are a third-party CPD platform provider with a CPD portfolio that is tailored to healthcare professionals

Members of the AAPT have been sent instruction emails for the CPDMe platform and an account has been created for you.

Members of the AAPT can now make a start on setting your learning goals, capturing your development and planning your CPD!

The new CPD portfolio has a number of significant enhancements in comparison to the previous CPD offering.

  • Technical support and guidance from CPDMe
  • Broad healthcare webinars available for CPD purposes in the Dashboard area
  • Alignment to professional registration CPD standards with the Science Council and Academy for Healthcare Science
  • A number of reflection models (the AAPT recommend the Jaspers ERA cycle (Experience, Reflection, Action) from the dropdown list)
  • A built-in reminder and planner for CPD
  • Focus on completing an activity in fullplanning, recording, reflecting and, where required, evidence upload

Did you not receive an email to welcome you to the new CPD platform?

Contact Christian and he can look into this for you and ensure access to the new platform. Ensure to give Christian your preferred email and membership number.

What happens to the old CPD portfolio?

The information on your current CPD portfolio cannot be carried over to the system. However, the old CPD portfolio will remain live for a period of three months to ensure you can download all your information in readiness to enter onto the new CPDMe platform where appropriate.

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