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Guidance for care of the deceased with suspected or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Public Health England (PHE) guidance has been updated in line with Step 4 of the UK Roadmap

This guidance contains information for:

  • members of the public who identify a death outside of a healthcare setting
  • first responders managing a death in the community
  • general practitioners managing a death outside of a healthcare setting
  • staff in adult social care and residential settings including care homes and hospices
  • funeral directors and others managing a death in the community
  • staff and appropriately trained volunteers* who manage deceased people suspected or confirmed as infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) including:
    • coroners
    • mortuary operators
    • pathologists and anatomical pathology technologists
    • medical practitioners
    • funeral directors and embalmers
  • those who are participating in or supporting faith and belief practices that involve close contact with the deceased
  • those involved in the transport of the deceased

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