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APT Survey on spinal cord and brain donation

Following on from a survey sent out by the HTA last year and in discussion with them, the AAPT are hoping to understand some of the more specific issues and challenges APT staff may face when presented with a request for brain and spinal cord donation as brain banks and some of the research charities which request the donations have reported some difficulties in obtaining the consented tissue.

The aim of the survey is to look at the next steps we may take as a profession to raise awareness in this area and hopefully increase donation rates – there is a possibility a guidance leaflet could be produced / additional specific training could be introduced or more mortuary facilities may be willing to become part of the HTA register which allows brain banks etc. to contact relevant facilities quickly.

It may be that your mortuary routinely carries out these procedures with no issues and you may wish to be involved in sharing your skills with others.

Please be honest in your answers as an accurate reflection of the current situation would be beneficial to all involved.

Once the survey date has ended we will share the findings with the HTA and publish the results on the AAPT website – please note; this survey is completely confidential unless you wish to share your personal information on question 13 and 14, this information will be shared to the HTA but will not be shared on the AAPT website.

The link to the survey is here - can you kindly complete by the 1st September 2016

Thank you for your time.             

Ishbel Gall – AAPT Chair

Debbie James– AAPT Council Member

Michelle Lancaster – AAPT Council Member

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