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Mortuary Regulation - opinion piece from Gemma Norburn RSciTech MAAPT

All medical doctors practicing within the UK need to be General Medical Council (GMC) registered

This means that if they come under investigation or are proven to have behaved in a way deemed to be misconduct they can be suspended or ultimately taken off this register, and therefore are unable to practice any longer.

This is something that keeps us all safe and ensures that you can have faith in your doctor acting in a way that is in your interest. Many different occupations and services require this form of registration or regulation, with clear definitions of who can practice what being laid out in order to ensure our safety.

However, with Anatomical Pathology Technologists (APTs) who staff our mortuaries this is not the case. In fact, although there are strong definitions of what a qualified APT should be and what qualifications they should have, this is not a protected title. Hence, anyone is able to call themselves an APT and practice, although thankfully this is uncommon.

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