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AAPT Survey 2015: an update

The AAPT has today received the raw, unedited results of the annual member survey, and I would like to thank the 118 APTs who responded with what was, on the whole, very useful, professional and constructive feedback.

We want you to have confidence that your views are being properly considered, so these are the steps we will take next:

  1. The results will be analysed and a ‘to-do’ list of topics arising from the survey will be created (particularly questions 18 & 19)
  2. Each topic will then be discussed at the next Council meeting to see how we can best address them
  3. The resulting actions will then be given to the appropriate Committee Lead to complete within their scheme of work
  4. We will feedback what actions have been created, who has ownership of them, and the timescale for their completion in the minutes of the meeting
  5. An update on progress will be given halfway through that timescale
  6. A final update will be given on completion of the actions

We are not planning to hold any type of public meeting or event to discuss the results of the survey, however, if you feel strongly that we should, please get in touch – if enough members (or non-members) feel the same, we will take that into account.

You can find the survey results here as a downloadable PDF


Two comments had to be removed owing to inappropriate language and naming of a current member in an unprofessional manner

John Pitchers

Vice-Chair, AAPT

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