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My First Year as an AAPT Council member

After her election at the AGM 2020, Michelle Williams FAAPT on Year 1 as a member of the AAPT Council

How have you found the first year on Council in terms of time commitments?

More time reading documentation than anything else this year, probably down to the pandemic and not being able to travel.

I have used my own time for Council related business, but I know that all Council members do and we support each other. When you have a passion for something, it isn’t difficult to dedicate time.

Do you feel supported by the full Council?

Absolutely! A problem, question or query never goes unanswered due to the vast and varying knowledge through the members.

Does being on Council allow you to contribute in areas of expertise and where you are most confident?

Being on council continues to allow me to grow my confidence.

My council colleagues are encouraging and give me confidence and support in my areas of expertise.

What has been the most daunting challenge as a Council member so far?

Obviously being newly elected was the most daunting at first and being introduced at AGM 2020 on Zoom, but I was welcomed very warmly. The most daunting challenge was (and still is) Webinar presentation but that’s a work in progress I’m not going to give up on it!

Last thoughts for AAPT members who are are interested in getting nominated for Council?

Contrary to belief, the AAPT Council are not just waiting for something to happen to jump into action. Quietly behind the scenes of your working day is a dedicated group of APTs, all different stages in their careers, striving to ensure that APTs are acknowledged professionally and that the deceased have advocates.

As a whole and within the several working groups, the AAPT council are working hard to gain all members and APTs of the future the professional approval that will ensure high quality care and respect for the deceased is universal.

When I joined council last year, I had no idea of how much support the group had to offer and how welcomed I would be, alongside the vast knowledge I continue to gain from the experiences of every member.

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