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Level 4 Diploma Update

With the exciting news about the RSPH Level 4 Diploma announced we are aware that many people have questions about many things. Both Ishbel and I have been fielding many emails this past week and we are currently working on providing as many answers as we can.

We will be producing an update this week for your information early next week on the following:

  • Is there any funding for Level 4
  • How do I access Level 4 – I only have the old certificate
  • How do I access Level 4 onwards with the old certificate and diploma

An easy one to answer in the meantime is this – the Level 4 Diploma is being run by Chester University however, the awarding body will still be the RSPH in conjunction with Chester and people can still stop their studies at Level 4 with both RSPH qualifications (Level 3 & 4)  just like we did with the old certificate and diploma.

However, those wishing to continue study can move on to Level 5 and beyond upon successful completion of Level 3 & Level 4 Diplomas. The higher Levels are not accredited by the RSPH - they are a full degree programme accredited by Chester University  

We are currently working with the RSPH, Chester University and Higher Education England on ensuring that we can provide you with guidance and advice on the above topics and are currently discussing the requirements of access courses.

If you have a different question regarding any education and training issue then please do not hesitate to contact by emailing:

Michelle Lancaster FAAPT

AAPT Council member, Education & Training

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