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Medtronic Micra Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS)

The Medtronic Micra Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS) is a leadless pacing system implanted directly into the heart (Medtronic Micra® TPS Clinician Manual).

Leadless pacing systems have advantages over traditional transvenous pacing systems including the ability to leave the device implanted (indefinitely) once it has reached end?of?service due to battery depletion. Specifically, Micra TPS can remain safely implanted in the heart, even after patient death.

However, because the Micra TPS is delivered intravenously and implantation is directly into the patient’s heart, physical evidence of a pacemaker may no longer be apparent to medical examiners or morticians during examination of a deceased patient.

In summary, the Micra TPS can be cremated in standard crematory settings without causing disturbing noises, occupational injury risk or damage to the crematory retort (Medtronic Report MDT2172498). 

There is a blood borne pathogen risk to the health care provider or mortician removing the device, taking this into consideration, along with the required resources, and device removal authorization from the deceased’s legal representative, it is recommended that the Micra TPS device is not removed prior to cremation or burial.



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