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APT Education and Training Update - IMPORTANT

A meeting was held between prospective centres, representatives from the MSC/APT group and RSPH on 4th September at the RSPH Office in London.

Graham Beastall (MSC) presented an overview of the Anatomical Pathology Technology Curriculum and outlined the position of the L3 Diploma within this and the role of the University of Chester from Level 4 Diploma onwards.

There have been four potential training centres identified who will develop their own way of delivering the training but in reality the model should not be that different from the way centres are currently delivering training. The biggest difference is the number of “guided learning hours” but these do not have to be carried out in the classroom.

Many activities can be carried out online or in the workplace.

Guided learning hours are a notional measure of the substance of a unit. It includes an estimate of time that might be allocated to direct teaching, instruction and assessment, together with other structured learning time such as directed assignments or supported individual study. It excludes student initiated private study. Centres are advised to consider this definition when planning the programme of study associated with this specification

In order to determine the number of centres required RSPH are going to send a letter to every mortuary holding a Human Tissue Authority Licence to make them aware of the changes and to ask them to provide expressions of interest from those eligible to enrol for the new Level 3 Diploma in Anatomical Pathology Technology.

The centres will require to send Assessors into the candidates’ workplace so some Assessor workshops will be held, in both the north and south of the country so that a pool of approved assessors can be put together. AAPT will hold the list of those who have attended training but it will be up to each centre to select assessors from this list independently of AAPT and RSPH.
I will email everyone who has expressed an interest in becoming an Assessor after Conference and then we can look at arranging appropriate training.

Enrolment will commence in November this year with each centre and the Level 3 Diploma will officially start in January 2014 and those successful will gain the award in June 2015 in time to enrol on the Level 4 Diploma course which will start in September 2015.  Details of the BSc will be announced as soon as the final units are in place; again this will be announced as soon as possible.
As ever if anyone has any questions please contact me  and I will try to answer your queries.

Ishbel Gall Chair AAPT

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