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AAPT respond to VRC Consultation

AAPT respond to VRC Consultation

The AAPT recently responded to a questionnaire from the Voluntary Registration Council (VRC) asking to re-affirm our commitment to the professional registration process and outline the reasons why registration is important to our profession.

Members Survey – a useful aid

In the recent members survey conducted by the AAPT; professional registration was rated 3rd as the most important objective for the association. This showed that the membership still feels this is an important objective and one which council are still very much committed to promoting. We were asked to outline the reasons why registration is important to our profession as well as how we are promoting registration amongst our members and what our profession want from registration. 

Protecting the public, caring for the deceased

Registration is about promoting public confidence. Deceased persons deserve the same level of protection that they received in life. Not to mention the vulnerability of their grieving and bereaved relatives. Mistakes made can cause distress and upset to already grieving relatives and prolong the bereavement process.

Poor unregulated practices in the running of Mortuaries and within the post mortem room should not go un-reprimanded and individuals who are unfit to practice should not be able to continue within the profession.

Bad practice can lead to poor sample collection at post mortem this could have bearing on inquest verdicts and again lead to stress for the family.
Everything we do has a bearing on the bereaved; family, friends and the parents of babies and children. For their protection alone we should be regulated.

AAPT will continue to promote registration

The AAPT continue to promote the benefits of VRC registration with local workshops and support networks. The AAPT lead by example and require VRC membership for all council members.

It’s clear that registration is still a very important issue for our profession and one that provides much heated debate. By showing our commitment to the registration process, it proves our commitment to continue our professional improvement. Providing good quality end of life care to our deceased patients and working towards uniformed best practice guidelines just proves that we are a profession worthy of registration and professional regulation.

To register on the VRC go to -

Katie Tomkins FAAPT
Co-opted VRC Lead on AAPT Council

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