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AAPT webinar 28th October 2020

The AAPT are delighted to announce a webinar on the Medical Examiner Officer network

Booking for the webinar is initially for AAPT members only and members can register via Zoom

AAPT webinar 28th October 2020 7.30pm to 8.15pm - presentation by Daisy Shale CSci FIBMS (Lead Medical Examiner Officer for Wales) and time for Q&A.

The death of a loved one is a difficult time, and the public need to have confidence in the process surrounding it. 

Whilst the main users of this service are sadly no longer with us, they should not expect to receive sub-standard care after death, but be given the opportunity to ensure that their diagnosis, treatment and overall care was done correctly, and an opportunity for those left behind to discuss any concerns.

April 2019 saw the non-statutory role out of the medical examiners system throughout secondary care in England and Wales, with a plan for a primary care to follow in 2020 and the development to a statutory phase shortly after.  

It will require that every death not investigated by the coroner will be scrutinized by a suitably trained medical examiner and that a unified system of checks will be applicable to both cremations and burials. It is hoped that this will increase safeguarding of the public and provide a better service for the bereaved, whilst improving the quality of death certification and public health surveillance of disease as a whole.

This work will be undertaken by a specialist team of Medical Examiner and Medical Examiner Officers, Daisy Shale, lead Medical Examiner Officer for Wales, explains how this will be undertaken and how this will integrate with current working practices and systems. 

About Daisy

Daisy Shale is a Biomedical Scientist by background with 20 years’ experience working in varying sectors of the NHS. 

Daisy has been a prominent figure involved in the medical examiners project and implementation work for the last 11 years as a project officer / medical examiners officer in Sheffield, and now works as the Lead Medical Examiner Officer for Wales. 

Daisy is also a member of the Royal College of Pathologists and is the course director for the RCPath MEO training, as well as a member of training faculty for the ME face to face training where she advocate for the importance of the MEO role.

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