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Apprenticeship Reforms - An Overview

Tom Cheek at the Science Council on apprenticeship reform

In 2017 significant reforms were applied to apprenticeships.

The key focus included giving more control to employers on how an apprenticeship may look and contribute to their business and sector, adding flexibility to the provision and increasing the effectiveness of delivery.

Previous to the reforms, apprenticeships were referred to as ‘SASE frameworks’ and listed as intermediate, advanced and higher. Each had components of qualifications such as NVQ’s, diplomas, certificates and awards.

Assessment was continuous and on-going with the training provider making assessment judgements. Once the qualifications were completed the apprenticeship itself was completed too. This type of apprenticeship is closing for new registrations on 31st July 2020, so we really are now in the world of the new apprenticeship model – the apprenticeship standard.

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