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APT Qualifications Update from AAPT Chair

Qualifications update
Yesterday, 5th November 2013, the Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) Team Qualifications group met again and AAPT are working with them and partners to finalise the new qualification at Level 4 Diploma and above. Everything is progressing well and we are now “tidying up” the qualifications taking into account the advice from lay representatives, in line with Department of Health and MSC policy. The next step will be to produce the learning guides and we meet again in December to task and finish this by which time the Level 4 Diploma should be finalised.

The Level 3 Diploma will start in January and letters should be coming out from RSPH soon for candidates to register an interest. Every mortuary with an HTA licence will receive a copy of the letter as will those in Scotland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

The programme will be a run through programme where you need to complete the Level 3 Diploma before the Level 4 Diploma and this will be required to enter the Level 5 Foundation and Level 6 BSc in Anatomical Pathology Technology. There will be an opportunity for current APT staff with the CAPT and DAPT to apply to start at Level 5 and complete the degree to either Foundation or BSc level if they meet entry criteria sent by the HEI. AAPT have had quite a lot of interest expressed in this so far and we need to feed this back to the group to determine whether we can bring the start date of this forward to meet demand.

Short survey
I know many of you have contacted me personally but if you could take the time to answer a few questions it would be really useful. Please forward this to as many APTs as possible whether members or not so that we can gauge interest and then act accordingly. These qualifications have been specifically  developed for APTs and people will not be able to gain the BSc unless they have the experience and necessary previous qualifications. Please take a few minutes to help shape our professions future.

Complete survey here:

Thank you

Ishbel Gall

Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology Chair

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