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Manchester: thoughts from our Vice-Chair

AAPT’s thoughts are with the victims, and those they loved and who loved them, following this brutal and indiscriminate attack on Monday night. 

The suffering and pain felt by those who have been bereaved is beyond imagination and our hearts truly go out to them.

As is usual in times of crisis and emergency, the APT community, both members and non-members, is proving itself to be resilient, compassionate and resolute; all qualities that you all demonstrate in your day-to-day practice, but that come to the fore when times are hard. There are so many examples of this – the APTs employed in the response mortuary working very long hours and going above and beyond the call of duty, their colleagues in surrounding mortuaries providing support by supplying staff and taking on the response mortuary’s routine caseload in addition to their own, the APTs who are part of the UKDVI APT Response Team volunteering their time to assist – all fine examples of how much desire there is to care for the victims and help the bereaved.

APTs serve the entire community, and I’m sure will agree that people are stronger when they stand together – we have more in common than that which divides us. All we can do in difficult times is carry on and remember to look for the helpers.

#HopeNotHate #MoreInCommon #ChooseLove

Take care,

John Pitchers, AAPT Vice-Chair

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