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North Tees Training Centre - APT exams re-sits

Announcement from the North Tees Training Centre regarding examination re-sits

Exam re-sit attendance

As you know, any candidate (s) who requires an exam re-sit must confirm with North Tees Training Centre that they will be attending their re-sit. With immediate effect, failure to notify us of your attendance in advance of the exam re-sit will result in a non-attendance note for your result and this will also count as one of your resits.

If you turn up to the regional exam venue and you have not confirmed your attendance then you will not be allowed to sit the exam paper. In year exam re-sit dates are published on this forum and take place approx. 6 / 7 weeks after the initial paper has been sat.

Exam re-sit deferral

If a candidate is not able to attend their re-sist, either in year or on the following cohort date, then again, we must receive some form of communication – this must be from your parent organisation (i.e. your line manager, with reason why / justifications). Candidates can no longer self-certify their non-attendance of exams.

What we require in either event is active communication between candidate / mortuary and the training centre. This communication relates only to exam resits as candidates are automatically booked in for their initial exams.

Contact Darren Makin Training Programme Facilitator at North Tees Training Centre if you have any queries

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