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AAPT statement - Cohort 7 Level 3 Diploma

AAPT today release the official statement in relation to examinations.

It has been brought to the attention of AAPT that training centres have set course dates and made arrangements for examinations to be sent out to Cohort 7 of the Level 3 Diploma course.

RSPH have been made aware and have confirmed that NO official dates have been set.

RSPH have not produced an exam paper and will not be expecting there to be one produced until it is safe for all students to return to study. They will take advice from AAPT as obviously workload and recovery strategy will impact on exactly when this happens.

RSPH have been very clear in their stance and any exam not produced by them or sat in conditions to match their criteria will be null and void and not count towards the Qualification which they award.

There will be plenty of warning before any examination, and AAPT and RSPH wish everyone’s access to the course to be equitable.

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