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Council Elections 2020

The AAPT are delighted with the response from members calling for nominations to the Council

There are three seats available and four nominations.

Given the office access difficulties during the pandemic, the AAPT have commissioned a professional on-line ballot organisation to run the Election, and Fellows, Members and Students will receive a link to a voting platform early August 2020.

As per the AAPT Constitution, only Fellows, Members and Students can vote. To inform your decision, the candidates also sent their reasoning for standing for election which is below and this will also be contained within the on-line voting platform:


Nominated by: Ishbel Gall FAAPT

I have been a Council Member since the AAPT’s conception, and I work hard to promote the profession to various organisations. I held a co-opted position last year with a view to handing over Emergency & Preparedness Lead to another Council Member. COVID-19 has slowed down that hand over so, whilst no longer EP Lead, I would like to continue that handover and reschedule the DVI Awareness Training that was cancelled and provide support in this area to our new lead.

In standing again for Council I am keen to now become involved in different areas to support our APT Membership. As we have regional groups, I would be interested in looking at the Scottish Group and seeing how we could engage more proactively – COVID-19 has demonstrated that we can adapt very well to virtual meetings.

I would like the opportunity to continue to give my support to the work of our AAPT Chair, Vice-Chair, and fellow Council Members.

My main area of interest is promoting the professionalism of APTs to interested organisations.

I also have an interest in the mortuary management of mass fatalities.

During my time as a Council member I established the Forensic Response Team, the APT UK DVI CBRN Team and worked with colleagues to put in place the stand-alone APT UK DVI Team.

I have facilitated DVI awareness training for APTs.

There are many consultation documents which I have contributed to on behalf of the AAPT.

Having led the Conference Committee for several of the early AAPT annual conferences I am keen to ensure the continued success of these.


Nominated by Amy Ellis FAAPT

It is safe to say that the role of APTs has been finally given the media attention it deserves, albeit taking a pandemic to bring it to light. Now is the time to build on this and continue making the public aware of this role and its importance. Therefore, I would like to stand for a Council position.

The progression just over the last 12 months has been amazing, with the Science Council Licence Lite being granted and many of the AAPT membership receiving well-deserved praise for their efforts during the pandemic.

I would like to represent the voice of our members and continue this great work from a position where I feel I can make a difference.

My areas of interest include: further development of professional registration for all APTs, opportunities for advanced training in areas such as anatomy, histology and MEO partnerships, offering mentorship, guidance and advice for new members and trainee APTs, working towards formal career profession at MSc and PhD level and recognition of APTs as worthy of higher AFC pay bandings & to fight that cause.

Personal achievements include: British Medical Journal Podcast – “Sharp Scratch” featured guest on Episode 14 Documenting Death, guest volunteer at the RCPath Discover Pathology careers event, creation of a professional twitter handle @TheIrishAPT which has proven popular and organisational help with the London region.

Professional membership and registration: Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) with the Science Council, Member of AAPT, Royal Society for Biology full member, Academy for Healthcare Science HCS Practitioner register, Medical Examiner Officer (MEO) with RCPath, Anatomical Society early career member, Institute of Anatomical Sciences member, E-Student with the IBMS and Affiliate with the Physiological Society (UK).


Nominated by: Donna Howe MAAPT

I would be honoured to be considered to stand for election & be given the opportunity to join the Council for the Association of Anatomical Pathology Technologists.

I wish to do so as I am extremely passionate about my job & the care of the deceased. Dignity, consent, and the wish to strive for higher professional standards nationally (and potentially internationally) is something I feel very strongly about.

Having been an APT for almost 12 years now and having had the chance to work in several mortuaries under differing circumstances, I have witnessed that there is an enormous variation in quality & standards.

This is something I feel I would love to be able to assist in standardising. Having the ability to input towards the professional standards, alongside extremely experienced colleagues who are also equally interested in supporting the profession, would be the chance of a lifetime. If I am able to make a difference to one (if not many) deceased's treatment & the care of next of kin alongside it, then I will consider my stand a successful one.

However, I feel one of the most important steps towards standardising the role and the quality of technicians' nationally, is by gaining professional registration status.

With the current voluntary registration, it is a fantastic step towards determining a technician's dedication to the role & professional integrity, yet leaves many not joining, not fulfilling continual professional development, or networking to gain any further skills. The inability to hide away with the excuse of 'historical practice' would do wonders for the care carried out in mortuaries across the UK.

I am enthusiastic about educating the public with regards to after death care in the attempt to dispel fears & make the subject less taboo. To incorporate necessities like 'registration', ' consent', and 'next steps' (i.e. funeral planning, coroner's, and will & probate settlement) in mainstream secondary education (within life skills or PSHE classes) would settle much anxiety for many - along with enlightening the next generations as to the existence of the APT role.

I have been lucky enough to be involved in several activities and achievements since my time as an APT.  Just before I gained my first trainee role, I was able to spend a summer in Dubai, working in their public forensic mortuary, gaining valuable experience, and widening my understanding of the Muslim culture.

I am interested in the beliefs and practices of other cultures and countries around after death rituals, and the historical understandings of such. I feel growing up abroad, in a truly diverse community gave me a lot of acceptance and appreciation for different beliefs.

Upon completion of my certificate and diploma, I went on to gain experience and focused a lot on disaster victim identification training and was honoured to be involved with repatriation, post mortem, and identification process for the victims of the 2015 Sousse attacks.

I am currently one of the assessors for the Level 3 Diploma in APT & have been since cohort one, with being able to have input into the setting of the standards for the syllabus as it stands. I enjoy the challenges that come along with being able to ensure the high standards agreed by the RSPH are met, along with being able to learn many new skills along the way.

Most recently, I was truly privileged to be involved in the mortuary set up and running at the Nightingale Hospital in London as part of the CoViD-19 pandemic. An opportunity that made me realise my ability to think on my feet in an ever changing dynamic, plan for the unknown, think outside the box and to trust my initiative.

This placement confirmed my interest in training, communication, and planning. I thrived in resolving communication issues amongst the changing procedures; I enjoyed the challenges of training members of staff with no portering experience and above all thrived in a team that shared a common goal - dignity, care and compassion.

Overall, I would say that my main interests are maintaining effective communication amongst teams, DVI & mass fatality planning, product sourcing/procurement & finance, HTA post mortem sector guidelines, and auditing. However, I am not hesitant to support any sectors within the diverse nature of the AAPT's role.

I am currently enrolled with a locum agency, so I am relatively flexible as I am lucky enough to be able to select my working weeks when the need arises; therefore have a reasonable amount of time to dedicate to the role.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my application.


Nominated by: Deborah Wolf FAAPT

I would like to become a Council member of the AAPT so that I can offer my support and knowledge gained back out to support others and the Association. Time has taught me within this profession, the importance of being non-judgmental, patient, confidentially and the ability to have a broad outlook and understanding of others.

I have worked in a senior role in both NHS and Public mortuaries and have a good knowledge of best practice on both spectrums. I manage a small team of 3, all at different levels within their careers. I have good working relationships with all my colleagues including my manager.

I believe the key to working in a team is communication and the sharing of a mutual goal. I am an experienced assessor for the AAPT/RSPH working with L3 Diploma students.  I have also mentored and supported two of my own trainees.  I support my team consistently in all areas including AAPT updates and CPD as well as manage my own file. Now that I fully understand CPD (thanks to the AAPT) I know how important it is within our own roles and encouraging to us professionals.

I am registered with the AHCS and feel that I am able to offer some quality time and commitment to the AAPT, become more involved in our future as well as the standards and policies set by the AAPT and RSPH.  I am already involved in regional meetings for the Midlands area.

The AAPT is an essential organisation which has given me the opportunities to communicate with other APTs, be involved in events and training and continue my own learning from others. 

I feel I would not be in the position I am now without the confidence it has given me to succeed. I would like to be more involved with the organisation to help others achieve and continue high standards. To be accepted a council member would be a great achievement for me alongside an opportunity to offer my own knowledge and experiences and be part of a team that is aiming to make our profession exemplary.

Professional achievements: Senior Anatomical Pathology Technologist at Gloucestershire Coroner’s Court, Fellow member of the AAPT and Certificate and Diploma holder RSPH. Assessor AAPT, Affiliate Member RCPath, Fully Registered Healthcare Science Practitioner ACHS.

My main areas of interest are: Support and training for Anatomical Pathology Technicians and Mortuary Assistants, Education, Training and Assessment, Post Mortem Technique and PM room safety and Planning and Organisation










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