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The Autopsy Pathology of Sepsis Related Death

The Autopsy Pathology of Sepsis Related Death by Professor Sebastian Lucas, President of the AAPT

Sepsis is defined as infection plus systemic manifestations of infection.

(Dellinger.R.P. et al. 2008) 

Thus it is more than just the local organ pathology damage, and indicates malfunction of one or more other critical organs. There are few systematic reviews of what autopsy can contribute to sepsis studies, so this chapter attempts to summarise the main pathological concepts around sepsis with particular focus on diagnostic features – gross and histopathological - and differential diagnosis.

The focus is information for practising pathologists. Currently, detailed non-forensic autopsy practice seems to have fewer enthusiasts than heretofore, and the case is made that in sepsis-related fatality, there is much to observe and learn. This chapter is a revision of an article on the autopsy and sepsis published in 2007.

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