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Important Enhancements to Kenyon Services

Kenyon would like to take this opportunity to inform you of two new initiatives that we will be launching in the next few weeks for the benefit of our clients. 

Kenyon would like to take this opportunity to inform you of two new initiatives that we will be launching in the next few weeks for the benefit of our clients. 

In this letter we will introduce you to our new website and to Kenyon Response™ the world’s first end-to-end crisis data management system.

New Kenyon Website

The completely new Kenyon Website is now available Over the past year we have canvassed the opinions of our clients, our staff and other partner organizations to determine what online support they wanted from Kenyon. Their demands were unanimous: they want a tool that would help them explain to others the processes of crisis management; to understand our services in clear and concise language; to access planning and training references and; to have confidence in the website as an electronic extension of the partnership that we already share. Kenyon’s website is not just a resource for our clients but, following an incident, it is also accessed frequently by concerned families, governments and the news media.  People in distress and people in power need the same consistent, accurate and well organised information that we share with our clients.  

Immediately you will notice the new design and the straightforward navigation system.  The homepage will keep you up to date with Kenyon’s activities and any news stories that help your understanding of crisis preparedness and response. Existing Kenyon clients have exclusive access to the 'Client Only' section of the website.  In this section is the most comprehensive collection currently available of reference material, case studies and information regarding crisis management.  

Kenyon Response™ – Crisis Data Management

Our second major program for 2012 is Kenyon Response™. We have created a crisis data management software system that reflects Kenyon’s 100 years of experience managing complex international incidents. Clients trust Kenyon for their response services because of our unequalled experience, our staff and our resources. They trust us also for the quality and extent of the incident records that we maintain on their behalf. Kenyon Response is the software system that we will deploy in support of client operations worldwide. Kenyon Response is the management, tracking and sharing of information about people: victims, missing persons, families, staff members, voluntary agencies, emergency services .....anyone who is involved in the complete life-cycle of response and recovery. This is what makes Kenyon Response different. Other event-related systems record data related to sequence and inanimate resources; Kenyon Response focuses instead on the real priorities. 

Kenyon Response Commercial™ will be available from 2 April 2012. Existing Kenyon clients may access Kenyon Response Commercial™ during an incident for which they have activated Kenyon. Assigned users can access specific reports regarding the service Kenyon is providing.  These services are Inquiry Center, Family or Humanitarian Assistance, and Identification and Repatriation.  

Conceived originally as an internal system, it soon became clear that Kenyon Response was applicable to any sizeable organisation, private or public, government or charity to assist in the management of crisis data following an incident.  For this reason we have created business versions of Kenyon Response that have wide application for organisations to manage their own crisis data.  For those that would like to take advantage of the many powerful tools, licenses for Kenyon Response Commercial™, Kenyon Response Government™ and Kenyon Response Media™ are available.  

Should you wish to arrange a demonstration of Kenyon Response or discuss Kenyon's other crisis management services, please contact our customer services staff at

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