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New Student Network Representative

The AAPT has a specific APT Student Representative - a role that was originally started by Ben Deakin MAAPT, then Natalia Marshall MAAPT and now a new representative will be starting in January 2014: Lauren Miller.


Lauren has been working as an APT for the past 5 and a bit years at the West Midland Regional Forensic Centre, in Birmingham and said  "I am very passionate about education, I love to learn as well as teach, so, I am extremely excited and embracing this new era of education we are about to embark on in our career as APT’s.  I think the new education system the AAPT is supporting, will give new APT’s a brilliant footing on this unique and fulfilling profession.  I am also a great supporter of being VRC registered, it gives us the means to be taken seriously in our profession for the high level of skill we need to do our jobs.  I am also keen to promote communication between APT’s especially trainee’s, as no one can give you better support or advice than a fellow APT, as no one else can understand the stresses and strains you will go through on a daily basis.  We often are forgotten in the grand scheme of our work places.  So a network between us can be an amazing form of support in any circumstance.  I am here for you to contact, whenever, however and about anything you want, and if I can’t give you an answer, I will find someone who can!"

If you'd like to contact Lauren you can by emaling

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