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‘Witness’ by Robert McNeil MBE

Last week saw the opening of an exhibition of twelve works of art produced by the AAPT former Chair Robert McNeil, MBE.

In areas of conflict throughout the world, international teams of forensic scientists and other professionals are sometimes needed to give voices to the dead who have important and often graphic stories to tell that deserve to be heard.

The act of exhumation, neutral and impartial examination and identification of the remains of victims of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide from mass graves can be the beginning of reconciliation and justice as well as bringing dignity and respect to the dead.

This work gives families of the victims the right to bury or cremate their loved ones in accordance with their culture in a place of their choosing.

I’ve known and worked with Robert for 25 years and was aware of his love of art and so it was no surprise to me to learn that had taken up painting when he retired. The fact that he has chosen to depict images from his experiences in war zones is to me not only a reminder to people of the horror of war but also his tribute to the forensic teams who carry out this work.

The exhibition is accompanied by a stunning brochure which provides supporting statements about each image, contributions from International Forensic Experts and an acknowledgement of the AAPT.

Alison Anderson MBE, AAPT Council member

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