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External Assessor Training Awareness Day

Emma Romeling FAAPT reports on the latest External Assessor Training Awareness Day training on the 22nd June in Wigan as part of the AAPT Education & Training Committee and with assistance from Michelle Lancaster FAAPT and with our colleagues from the Academy for Healthcare Science.

It was a small group of potential assessors that attended the day along with two representatives from the AHCS.  It was a very productive day where we delivered information about the trainee APT journey through their delivery of education by the education centres to the final verification of portfolios.

The programme for the day covered a brief overview of the theory delivery of the course provided by the two current education centres moving onto the practical assessment process and the work carried out by the external assessors. 

We provided examples of portfolios that had been completed by trainees that was also supported by completed candidate assessment summary forms and observation reports that had been completed by an assessor.   Question and answer sessions were held throughout the day covering the different areas of the assessment process with a walk though of ‘a day in the life as assessor’.  Assurance was given that the assessors are never alone we are a network that support each other with help and advice.

At the end of the programme time was allowed for the two representatives from the Academy of Healthcare Science, Elaine & Beth, to undertake a question and answer session about the process of applying to join the voluntary register. 

This was a very productive session, we were given a brief overview of the application process and what happens once you have uploaded all the documentation and how the AHCS asses and ratify the portfolio the individual APT provides to gain the certificate of competence.

Both the APT’s and the AHCS representatives gained a better understanding of how each other works and some of the issues and potential confusion that is arising during the application process this feedback is being taken back to the AHCS to be discussed further along with suggestions of how we can work together.

Overall a very productive day and I am personally looking forward to seeing todays attendees join the list of external assessors.

Emma Romeling FAAPT

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