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Annual Educational Event 2024 Glasgow

The Annual Educational Event (AEE) 2024 is a one-day conference designed specifically to enhance the professional development of APTs, mortuary assistants and other related professionals.

The experiences of APTs vary according to workplace, speciality, and geographical location and this event offers a platform to bring everyone together. The focus is to provide a safe, confidential, understanding, learning environment and also give everyone the opportunity for networking with likeminded, and/or completely random professionals who you may otherwise never get to meet. 

Our commercial exhibition is always popular and delegates can discuss with industry colleagues the latest products, and understand how they are used, particularly useful when preparing business cases to get the mortuary facility and/or equipment upgraded or modernised.

There is also an opportunity to socialise at the end of the event, this is a chance to share experiences, hear how others may have dealt with similar situations and have some well-deserved relaxation time. Many attendees use this time to network with friends & colleagues who they have linked in with previously, potentially at other AAPT events or similar, to have a debrief of their year and discuss difficulties and solutions with others who understand our unique role. 

The AEE 2024 will be held in Glasgow on Saturday 28th September 2024 at the Village Hotel - Glasgow, 7 Festival Gate, Pacific Drive, Glasgow, G51 1DB

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