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Victims Voice

Victims’ Voice is an umbrella organisation which provides a ‘voice’ for its organisation and individual members to raise issues that arise when people are bereaved by traumatic sudden death or suffer serious assaults.

Individual member organisations offer specialist support and guidance to enable people to cope with different traumatic events and the consequent involvement of police, coroners, mortuaries and hospitals, and the criminal justice system.

Victims’ Voice Publications for information and training purposes:

Sudden Death and the Coroner
The booklet ‘Sudden Death and the Coroner – Coroner’s Post Mortem and Inquests’ is written from the perspective of suddenly bereaved people and adds to the Home Office leaflet ‘When Sudden Death Occurs’. It is written from the perspective of suddenly bereaved people and is based on questions known to arise when coroners’ enquiries are underway. It is specific to the Coroner Service and can be used in all sudden death cases. A list of contacts when specialist sudden death support and guidance are needed is given in Section 25.

Email for booklets free of charge.

This email address can also be used for further information and support if suddenly bereaved people encounter difficulties with the Coroner Service.

Survey of procedures and attitudes
A Survey of the Procedures and Attitudes faced by people suddenly having to cope with homicide or serious injury and their recommendations for improvements, which is used in police training.

A Case Book
A Case Book with 8 case histories highlighting the serious problems faced by the bereaved families.

Victims' Needs - The Future
Joint Conference Report Victims’ Needs – The Future February 2004
Workshop Notes: Mass Disaster; Mental Health Homicide; Road Death; Murder / Manslaughter.

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