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18 Jan 2017

Woman dies from infection resistant to all available antibiotics

17 Jan 2017

Long quest to understand these bodies without identities

DWP overhauls bereavement support

Buried at home when you die

3 Jan 2017

France introduces opt-out policy on organ donation

24 Dec 2016

Thousands of families are still waiting for news of missing loved ones, 25 years after the bloody Balkans war.

23 Dec 2016

Robert Jensen has spent his career restoring order after mass fatalities

16 Dec 2016

Regulation of the Post Mortem Sector 2014 - 16: What we have learned

8 Dec 2016

Chief Scientific Officer Awards 2017

6 Dec 2016

Alison Geddis CSci FIBMS affirmed as IBMS President-elect

1 Dec 2016

Wales organ donations rise in year after consent law

30 Nov 2016

RCPath annual report

24 Nov 2016

Welsh Government & Academy for Healthcare Science Annual Conference 2016

15 Nov 2016

Dying Matters - photography

10 Nov 2016

Identifying the Dead: Forensic Science and Human Identification (on-line)

8 Nov 2016

Should I donate my body to medical science?

2 Nov 2016

Why I wish I had been a member of a professional body whilst at university

26 Oct 2016

Support Around Death

18 Oct 2016

Award for hospital mortuary manager

10 Oct 2016

Trust introduces dignity bags

7 Oct 2016

HCPC Consultation on Social Media

Glasgow forensics expert who helped uncover mass graves in Bosnia returns to pay tribute

6 Oct 2016

Painting Life after Death

28 Sep 2016

Cardiovascular implanted electronic devices in people towards the end of life

21 Sep 2016

SIMBA afternoon tea event

7 Sep 2016

Praise for Royal Bolton Hospitals end of life facilities during mortuary tour

22 Aug 2016

Appointment of the Chief Coroner of England and Wales

11 Aug 2016

Brain Banking (BBC)

8 Aug 2016

Barts Pathology Museum lectures A/W 2016

2 Aug 2016

Flexmort go to the Palace after award win

11 Jul 2016

Would public autopsies help us be more open about death?

30 Jun 2016

Standards for the management of hospital post-mortem examinations

22 Jun 2016

Hundreds of genes seen sparking to life two days after death

21 Jun 2016

Hospitals still not informing family members that loved ones are about to die

14 Jun 2016

Autopsy scanners (BBC)

Support Around Death website (NHS Scotland)

13 Jun 2016

Mega Mortuary to be built?

2 Jun 2016

Fundamentals of Quality Improvement Masterclass

20 May 2016

Social Aspects of Death Dying and Bereavement

17 May 2016

Commentary on the The Hutton Review of Forensic Pathology

16 May 2016

Scottish medical history

NHS Employers End of Life Care information

12 May 2016

Dying Matters Awareness Week - Blackpool Teaching NHST

10 May 2016

Dying Matters week in Salford

5 May 2016

Clinical Fellow Opportunity

26 Apr 2016

Hillsborough disaster: deadly mistakes and lies that lasted decades

12 Apr 2016

CQC review of how NHS trusts investigate and learn from deaths

11 Apr 2016

New RCP End of Life Care Audit shows steady progress in care of dying people

18 Mar 2016

We’ll never live forever let’s look at end-of-life care differently

Celebrating our unsung heroes

9 Mar 2016

Royal College of Pathologists welcome medical examiner news

All hospital deaths to be examined by second doctor

1 Mar 2016

Testing Londons response to a major incident

29 Feb 2016

The promession process

18 Feb 2016

Population more vulnerable to death? (BBC)

10 Feb 2016

Plan to reuse graves ignores cultural signifance of burial

Part in the emerging improvement and awareness around the care Charles Dickens

Mass graves to be studied at Sydney Body Farm

9 Feb 2016

Flashbacks and intrusive memories are part of dealing with trauma

8 Feb 2016

2016 jephcott lecture: the real world of forensic anthropology

1 Feb 2016

Plan to reuse graves ignores cultural signifance of burial in the Highlands, MSPs told

25 Jan 2016

Englands unclaimed dead and the people trying to give them a name

21 Jan 2016

Forensics: The anatomy of crime

20 Jan 2016

The Visoko Memorial for the Srebrenica Genocide Victims

19 Jan 2016

The Little Mortuary at St George in the East

18 Jan 2016

Art helped brush out Balkan horrors

13 Jan 2016

Advancing Healthcare Awards 2016

The nineteenth century origins of toxicology

6 Jan 2016

Care of the dying adult: a time for hope

The Big Conversation: Dying Matters Awareness Week 2016 Launch Event

22 Dec 2015

Medical Examiners - RCPath lobbying

21 Dec 2015

Corpses, Cadavers and Catalogues: The Mobilities of Dead Bodies and Body Parts, Past and Present

18 Dec 2015

Fears of Missed Murders (Guardian link)

16 Dec 2015

New guidelines to improve care for people at the end of life

Daily Anatomy

13 Dec 2015

The employees shut inside coffins

‘My job is helping people to mourn their loved ones’

9 Dec 2015

The death of Jane Doe: the psychology of a murder investigation

‘Dignity in death’ at revamped Royal Shrewsbury Hospital mortuary

8 Dec 2015

RCPath response to The Hutton Review of Forensic Pathology

7 Dec 2015

IBMS Presidents Inauguration

23 Nov 2015

New RCPath website

12 Nov 2015

Flax Bourton Mortuary

New model for collecting high quality biospecimens for genomic analysis

9 Nov 2015

New Academy for HCS Chair

5 Nov 2015

Professional Registration with the Science Council (YouTube)

4 Nov 2015

Pathology and the NHS Five Year Forward View (RCPath)

21 Oct 2015

Preparing you for death is as much a part of my job as saving lives.

9 Oct 2015

Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Bill

6 Oct 2015

Science Council CPD Monitoring Workshop report

5 Oct 2015

Albert Norman Lecture at IBMS Congress

17 Sep 2015

Science Council appoint new CEO

14 Sep 2015


Barts Pathology Museum curator wins Major Contribution to the Understanding of Death

10 Sep 2015

Good Funeral Awards - the Winners

2 Sep 2015

HTA Consultation on Codes and Standards now LIVE

21 Aug 2015

Royal College of Pathologists: 7 Day Services

17 Aug 2015

Good Funeral Awards 2015 - the Longlist

3 Aug 2015

Human Tissue Authority (HTA) Call for Evidence

22 Jul 2015

End of Life needs of the Muslim community

IBMS, RCPath and ACB release joint statement on Cancer Taskforce Report

17 Jul 2015

HTA reflects on its first ten years

13 Jul 2015

New CSci Standards

9 Jul 2015

Baby ashes consultation to go ahead, minister confirms

5 Jul 2015

Srebrenica massacre to be marked by events across UK

2 Jul 2015

Forensic test pins down 'time of death'

12 Jun 2015

HTA and UKAS Memorandum of Understanding

9 Jun 2015

The Crime Museum Uncovered

1 Jun 2015

AHCS Vacancies: Professional Assessors

27 May 2015

Srebrenica massacre: British Muslim soldiers visit graves

19 May 2015

End-of-life care letting people down - health ombudsman

13 May 2015

Death certificate system overhauled in Scotland

12 May 2015

AAPT former Chair in the Herald newspaper

28 Apr 2015

Linking academia to mainstream pathology and mortuary services

25 Apr 2015

Updated guidance for professionals who provide care after death

24 Apr 2015

Warning of 'funeral time bomb' in UK as population ages

1 Apr 2015

Public Anatomy Lectures (The Guardian)

25 Mar 2015

"Bore-topsy": Is media saturation making us bored of Pathology?

15 Mar 2015

These spiky 'contact lenses' keep your eyes closed when you die

12 Mar 2015

Why people leave their bodies to medical research – and what happens

9 Mar 2015

HCS training capacity survey

26 Feb 2015

True crime: the women making art out of murder

25 Feb 2015

What is it like to be dead? (Independent article)

16 Feb 2015

Death Under Glass Exhibition

9 Feb 2015

Crossrail To Dig Up More Bedlam Bodies Under Liverpool Street

27 Jan 2015

Proposed Bill Relating to Burial and Cremation (Scotland)

22 Jan 2015

Accredited Registers and the case for statutory regulation

21 Jan 2015

RCPath President urges Death Certification Reform

Warning by spending watchdog over forensic science work

15 Jan 2015

AHCS Register Accredited by PSA

13 Jan 2015

What happens when someone dies on a cruise? (Telegraph article)

28 Nov 2014

NHS Employers - useful resource site

3 Nov 2014

National Pathology Week 2014

30 Oct 2014

The Life of a Locum APT

21 Oct 2014

Eastbourne Herald features APTs Debbie James and Paul Wright

10 Sep 2014

HCPC CPD Audit Report

23 Aug 2014

EAMHMS 2014 Science Museum

21 Aug 2014

The front line of the UK's Ebola prevention efforts

12 Aug 2014

Wellcome Image Awards 2015

6 Aug 2014

The Four Horsemen

19 Jul 2014

Barts Pathology Museum AW/14 events

15 Jul 2014

"This is not a temple of Death"

7 Jul 2014

Listening to Parents

17 Jun 2014

The Longitude Prize

16 Jun 2014

Grave Matters blog

10 Jun 2014

Chief Scientific Officer June Bulletin

4 Jun 2014

Is there ever such a thing as a 'good death'?

Interim advice on the handling of fetal tissue

3 Jun 2014

Meet the hospital team who specialise in afterlife care

21 May 2014

Patients probability of death within five years?

14 May 2014

Parisians used to Hang Out at the Morgue for Fun

22 Apr 2014

New Museum offers lasting memories of Fromelles

16 Apr 2014

Royal College Guidelines on non-suspicious deaths

30 Mar 2014

A Day in the Life

25 Mar 2014

Inappropriate handling of fetal remains: Channel 4 Dispatches programme

24 Mar 2014

HTA responds to reports of inappropriate handling of fetal remains

18 Mar 2014

HTA Statement on Manor Hospital, Walsall: delay in disposal of fetal remains

17 Mar 2014

Level 4 Diploma in Anatomical Pathology Technology

5 Mar 2014


1 Mar 2014

Presentations from the AHCS Practitioner Register Standards consultation event

25 Feb 2014

Guide to coroner services’ and coroner investigations – a short guide

11 Feb 2014

Jeremy Hunt: message to NHS staff one year on from Francis Report

7 Feb 2014

Funeral poverty in the UK: issues for policy

5 Feb 2014

The Narrative for people near the end of life

20 Jan 2014

The Heart of Fryderyk Chopin (Barts Pathology Museum)

10 Jan 2014

Good Brain, Bad Brain basics

9 Jan 2014

Pathologists: the secret heroes of transplantation

Bereaved Workers "need more support"

Advancing HCS Awards 2014

3 Jan 2014

Down among the Dead Men

13 Dec 2013

Giving life to the dead

27 Nov 2013

Digital Post-Mortem Centre To Open In UK

22 Nov 2013

Interactive: how people have died in the 21st century

6 Nov 2013

New report from PHE shows improvements in end of life care

4 Oct 2013

Bradford new autopsy facility

2 Oct 2013

Hospital's bereavement suites revamped

True APT Professionals in Oldham

1 Oct 2013

James Paget University Hospital mortuary staff raising money for SANDS

25 Sep 2013

Verbal Autopsies

20 Sep 2013

Risk-based regulation?

AHCS Registers

19 Aug 2013

Excess winter mortality report 2012 to 2013

16 Aug 2013

Commissioning children’s palliative care in the new NHS

15 Aug 2013

Ready or not? Emergency preparedness, resilience and response

13 Aug 2013

Barts Pathology Museum

25 Jul 2013

Chief Coroner: Implementation of relevant parts of Coroners and Justice Act 2009

24 Jul 2013

Government has accepted the recommendations in the independent review of the HFEA and the HTA

23 Jul 2013

IBMS Formal Response to the Francis Report

Liverpool care pathway review shows challenges in palliative care

1 Jul 2013

New premature mortality website

Public Health England Bulletin

27 Jun 2013

Doctors admit problems with Liverpool pathway for dying

Need to improve end of life care for minority ethnic groups

20 Jun 2013

Increased use of inpatient specialist palliative care

13 Jun 2013

AAPT Vice-Chair on BBC Radio 4

21 May 2013

Glucocorticosteroids as markers of death from hypothermia

Geographic diversity of Helicobacter pylori in cadavers: Forensic estimation of geographical origin

Meeting the Challenges of a New Age: Responding to a Mass Fatalities Scenario

Autopsies using MRIs in babies and infants could help improve uptake rates

16 May 2013

Post-mortem MRI versus conventional autopsy in fetuses and children: a prospective validation study

13 May 2013

Care of the dying 'society's litmus test'

8 May 2013

Coffins no longer obligatory in Irish Republic

2 May 2013

The Hendrick's Lecture Series

19 Apr 2013

DoH website moves

11 Apr 2013

APTs appear on BBC programme

10 Apr 2013

HTA Changes to Post Mortem Incident Reporting

2 Apr 2013

Terry Pratchett Leading Evening Of Literature For Dignity In Dying

21 Mar 2013

‘Come for the skin book, stay for the history!’

14 Mar 2013

"Black Death" Pit Skeletons

Natural Death Centre

13 Mar 2013

Chief Scientific Bulletin March 2013

5 Mar 2013

Annual UK drug deaths fall seven per cent

‘The Chirugeon’s Apprentice’ launches public campaign for history of medicine film

27 Feb 2013

Chief Scientific Officer Bulletin Feb 2013

26 Feb 2013

Scientific advances have led experts to pioneer the 'virtopsy'

19 Feb 2013

Vote for Barts Pathology Museum!

Forensic Science International PM Imaging

14 Feb 2013

Mummy's Day Seminar

13 Feb 2013

Health Protection Agency CBRN Learning Tool

6 Feb 2013

Coroners Rule 43

Francis Report published (Mid Staffs)

29 Jan 2013

A Grave Beauty

25 Jan 2013

Government response to transfer of functions from HFEA and HTA

24 Jan 2013

Mending Broken Hearts

Liverpool Care Pathway: More than 10,000 patients placed on plan

21 Jan 2013

Bereaved parents not given informed choice over post-mortems

16 Jan 2013

A history of pathology in 50 objects

14 Jan 2013

Prize awarded to ‘In Memoriam’ book project

11 Jan 2013

Medicines Dark Secrets (Vimeo Trailer)

Mangling the dead: dissection, past and present

10 Jan 2013

Real Crime, Real Fiction

9 Jan 2013

Murderers Beware....virtual autopsies

4 Jan 2013

What is a pathologist? Survey

NHS pathology services to be reviewed

3 Jan 2013

Dying Matters: Be ready for it!

21 Dec 2012

CSO Bulletin December 2012

19 Dec 2012

NHS Bereavement Zone

18 Dec 2012

The use of metaphors in death

Nick Kirk IBMS President-Elect

11 Dec 2012

The Black Dahlia 15th January lectures

The Snowman is not really about Christmas, it's about death

6 Dec 2012

Frontliners: Mortuary (Wellcome Trust)

How a soft opt-out system of organ and tissue donation will work in Wales

3 Dec 2012

Child Bereavement Charity (YouTube Channel)

Funeral poverty campaigners urge ministers to boost cash help

28 Nov 2012

Yasser Arafat's exhumation: a short history of digging up bodies

Bodies revealed but with consent for what? (BMJ Blog)

23 Nov 2012

Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief

20 Nov 2012

Pictures of unidentified dead bodies will be posted online for the first time

19 Nov 2012

Diagnostic errors in the intensive care unit: a systematic review of autopsy studies

16 Nov 2012

Government proposals could jeopardise public confidence

Partner organisations respond to the government’s proposals on the future of the HTA

12 Nov 2012

Eat Your Heart Out - anatomical baking

9 Nov 2012

Fallen soldiers: Is it right to take images of bodies? (BBC)

5 Nov 2012

Health Protection Agency Press Release (Anthrax)

29 Oct 2012

Chief Scientific Officer Bulletin Oct 2012

24 Oct 2012

MHRA Pathology

23 Oct 2012

Death: The Richard Harris Collection

Hillsborough: new chief coroner hints at inquest role

18 Oct 2012

Academy for Healthcare Science recruitment

Virtual dissection table TED lecture

Museum of London showcases "Bodysnatchers"

15 Oct 2012

Families cannot afford to bury their dead

11 Oct 2012

Northern Ireland's first motor-tricycle hearse takes to road

8 Oct 2012

Fears for future of Traquair murals

3 Oct 2012

Death: an expensive Business? (The Independent)

1 Oct 2012

Southampton hospital mortuary opens for public tours

HTA response to Government regarding it's future

18 Sep 2012

People struggle to pay for funerals

Assistance for Murder/Manslaughter Overseas

Virtual Autopsy Course Uni of Leicester

9 Sep 2012

Second Anthrax Case in England

6 Sep 2012

Quick Response (QR) Beyond the Grave

31 Aug 2012

Variation in postmortem liver sampling (Subscription required)

28 Aug 2012

Caring & Sensitivity earn hero nomination

20 Aug 2012

Eat your heart out - the pathology experiment

16 Aug 2012

Rethinking Laws Permitting the Sales of Human Remains

14 Aug 2012

HTA announces preferred future option

13 Aug 2012

Dr Freddy Patel labelled 'misleading' over Tomlinson case

9 Aug 2012

Ministry of Defence & Body Parts

7 Aug 2012

GMC is asked to draw up clearer rules for pathologists carrying out postmortem examinations

1 Aug 2012

Burning aborted foetuses no longer acceptable, hospital chiefs are told

25 Jul 2012

Chief Scientific Officer Bulletin July 2012

23 Jul 2012

Ireland: State Pathologist and Mortuary Facility

19 Jul 2012

APT interviewed by Mookychick

11 Jul 2012

NHS Heroes

9 Jul 2012

Joy of Death

5 Jul 2012

We need Scottish end of life care study?

4 Jul 2012

NHS end of life care good but choice lacking

Dignity in Dying

Zambia Mortuary Attendant

27 Jun 2012

Digging up the Dead

Ian Cumming Chief Executive of HEE

Oppose assisted dying says BMA

25 Jun 2012

"Mummifying Alan" wins best factual programme at TV BAFTAS

Iraq faces painful legacy of mass graves

Cooperative Funeralcare To Launch Inquiry After Macabre Practices Exposed

22 Jun 2012

Study shows how easily pandemic H5N1 bird flu could evolve

19 Jun 2012

Dissecting Brains

The real CSI: what happens at a crime scene?

18 Jun 2012

Organ donation: Opt-out bill is published in Wales

CSO Update June 2012 (PDF Download)

11 Jun 2012

Summary of Reports and Responses under Rule 43 of the Coroners Rules

8 Jun 2012

Twitter role in disasters aftermath

Casualty & Mortuary Affairs Soldier (USA)

2 Jun 2012

NHS Atlas of Risk

Coin Operated Mechanical Mortuary scene

1 Jun 2012

Acutely Ill prevented from dying with dignity?

29 May 2012

NHS Plans "Unclear" Commons Committee

25 May 2012

ACPO publishes report into the retention of human tissue by police forces

17 May 2012

Nine more headstones to be dedicated at Fromelles

16 May 2012

CSO Update

4 May 2012

Dying Matters Awareness Week 2012

1 May 2012

Regulation of Health and Social Care Professionals

28 Mar 2012

Trainee Healthcare Scientist Competition

20 Mar 2012

Department of Health Roll of Honour Nominations

13 Mar 2012

The man who looks death in the face: morgue manager Mike Murphy interviewed

6 Mar 2012

NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes

20 Feb 2012

Experts fear diseases 'impossible to treat'

7 Feb 2012

Death Unexplained - BBC

30 Jan 2012

VRC Newsletter January 2012

Research into mutant flu 'must go on'

24 Jan 2012

Innovation Health & Wealth

6 Jan 2012

Gloucestershire coroners court complex opens

4 Jan 2012

Why 2012 will be a big year for the NHS

The Srebrenica Line

20 Dec 2011

Public information on post-mortem examination and retention of organs and tissue

15 Dec 2011

The Guardian reviews BBC R4 "Post Mortem"

AAPT President & Ruby Stewart on BBC Radio 4

28 Nov 2011

2012 Advancing Healthcare Awards

9 Nov 2011

Master of Research in Health Science Extended to Healthcare Scientists

1 Nov 2011

RCN Guidance on Assisted Death

31 Oct 2011

Crime authors compete for Dundee morgue prize

25 Oct 2011

Mummifying Alan: Channel 4 follows scientists using ancient preservation techniques

20 Oct 2011

DNA solves mystery of unknown Scots soldier

19 Oct 2011

Death is not what it used to be

18 Oct 2011

The death of funeral etiquette

7 Oct 2011

Useful Anatomy iPhone Apps in the Publications area

The 7th Annual AAPT Conference

27 Sep 2011

Doctor in Brazil sends patient to morgue a bit too soon

23 Sep 2011

Turkish mortuary alarm to detect life among the dead

21 Sep 2011

Forget cremations or being buried, how about being liquidised?

15 Sep 2011

Publication of the 2009/10 Summary report of performance against HTA standards for all sectors

12 Sep 2011

Blood-borne transmission of vCJD re-examination of scenarios : Department of Health - Publications

8 Sep 2011

Improving the process of death certification

1 Sep 2011

New body 'liquefaction' unit unveiled in Florida funeral home

5 Aug 2011

Podcasts of pathology museum specimens

1 Aug 2011

'Dead man' wakes up inside morgue

25 Jul 2011

Clinical Academic Training

13 Jul 2011

Lincolnshire's dead facing 80-mile round trip for post mortem

16 Jun 2011

3-D Imaging Derived from Post Mortem

16 May 2011

Pandemic report and lessons learned

28 Apr 2011

Lindsay Lohan to serve 120 hours service in LA County Morgue

24 Feb 2011

Shaping Bereavement Care – a framework for action

27 Jan 2011

Bereavement care services: a synthesis of the literature

25 Jan 2011

Crematorium could help heat council swimming pool

11 Jan 2011

Crematorium considers dissolving bodies

10 Jan 2011

Influenza Detection At Post Mortem

5 Jan 2011

Post-mortem rates in England and Wales 'should be cut'

4 Jan 2011

Learning Zone: Exam Papers

How can we reduce the number of coroner autopsies?

17 Dec 2010

Liberating the NHS: Greater choice and control

White Paper response letter to Healthcare Scientists from Chief Scientific Officer

Liberating the NHS: Legislative framework and next steps

15 Dec 2010

Forensic Science Service to be wound up

7 Dec 2010

Imaging the dead

19 Nov 2010

How Sellafield 'mutilated' its workers' bodies

Body parts 'stolen for radiation research'

3 Nov 2010

Audio slideshow: The funeral photographer

20 Oct 2010

Review of the Organ Donor Register by Professor Sir Gordon Duff

11 Oct 2010

MSC: Overview Summary Sheet

24 Sep 2010

Article- Laying To Rest

Doctor guilty of signing false death certificates- first case under new Shipman guidelines

16 Sep 2010

VRC Newsletter September 2010

10 Sep 2010

Liberating the NHS: Report of the Arm’s-Length Bodies Review

2 Sep 2010

AAPT Code of Conduct Feature in 'The Biomedical Scientist'

24 Aug 2010

HTA Newsletter August 2010

23 Aug 2010

CSO Bulletin Issue 7

26 Jul 2010

Health watchdogs 'are to be axed'

20 Jul 2010

Prince Charles attends last Fromelles soldier reburial

19 Jul 2010

Charity launches scheme to help families obtain inquests

29 Jun 2010

Guidelines on Autopsy Practice - best practice scenarios

Doctor is charged with signing cremation certificates without proper investigations

24 May 2010

Mortuary Problems - Milton Keynes

13 May 2010

Completing the Jigsaw - The work of the UK Forensic Radiography Response Team

5 May 2010

Viewing the body after a traumatic death

8 Apr 2010

Modernising Scientific Careers: The England Action Plan

Department of Health's - Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Bulletin issue 6

18 Mar 2010

Fromelles Project Update: First of the Australian Servicemen named

16 Mar 2010

Reports and Responses Under Rule 43 of the Coroners Rules

26 Feb 2010

Modernising Scientific Careers: The UK Way Forward

New national career framework introduced for healthcare scientists

Healthcare Science Week 2010: 12-21 March 2010

25 Feb 2010

Health professional regulators' registers

24 Feb 2010

Autopsies- why families count too

How much is a human body worth?

18 Feb 2010

HTA Newsletter February 2010

9 Feb 2010

Police drop probe into hospital's post-mortems

8 Feb 2010

VRC Newsletter Feburary 2010

22 Jan 2010

BBC Article - Haiti - Do Dead Bodies Pose a Health Risk?

20 Jan 2010

Improving the Process of Death Certification

13 Jan 2010

About the Forensic Science Regulator

5 Jan 2010

Preparing for life after death

15 Dec 2009

First Reported UK Fatality Relating to GBL

9 Dec 2009

CSO Bulletin: Nov 09 issue

NHS workforce planning: limitations and possibilities

HTA Regulatory Alert 004/2009

24 Nov 2009

Recycling redundant equipment

Assistant Practitioner Core Standards

4 Oct 2009

VRC annual meeting

5 Aug 2009

Exquisite Bodies: curious and grotesque story of the anatomical model

29 Jul 2009

New website for NHS Medical Education England

16 Jul 2009

New ways to extend professional regulation

30 Jun 2009

AAPT Conference 09: new programme

29 Jun 2009

Assistant Practitioner Survey

25 Jun 2009

Statement on Modernising Scientific Careers

21 Jun 2009

Chief Scientific Officer Newsletter June 2009

Voluntary Registration Council Newsletter | May 2009

Talent management: how to identify,attract and retain the talent you need Transforming healthcare to save money and lives

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